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Meditation is a widespread practice nowadays. It’s not an easy thing to achieve. I don’t know about you, but it took me quite some time to reach a state of consciousness that can even be called mediation.  I have to say that once you achieve that, you will have a whole new perspective on things.

Peace Yoga Zafu Meditation Cushion
relieve stress on joints and properly support your spine
can also double as yoga block
full-zip cotton cover is removable and machine-washable
Seat Of Your Soul Yoga And Meditation Cushion
stuffed with 100% natural buckwheat hulls for sturdiness
ergonomic designs align your spine & eases strain on the sit bones
handle makes our cushions very portable
Waterglider International Meditation Cushion
perfect for all Yoga & Meditation levels
traditional round shape, fill removable for washing
filled with eco-friendly USA grown buckwheat husks

This practice is recommended particularly for people who undergo a lot of stress. It is very relaxing to go home after a full day’s work and just sit in silence for an hour or so. Leaving all your troubles aside puts you in a state that few things can top. However, it doesn’t come without collateral issues. Take me for example. I sit in a chair all day at work, which means that my back is not quite well. After a while, sitting on the floor to meditate becomes painful. And if you are familiar with meditation, you know that nothing can bother you during the process. Not even a hanging thread on your shirt. Otherwise, you cannot concentrate. So imagine what a back pain can do.

Things are considerably better since I discovered the meditation cushion. I sit more comfortably, and my back is fine now. All thanks to a simple pillow.

The benefits of a meditation cushion

A meditation cushion is a perfect example that people underestimate the power of simple things. It holds a lot of advantages, which ultimately lead to an improved technique. Here is what I am talking about.

  • It makes meditation more comfortable. Comfort is a crucial aspect of the whole process. As long as you are comfortable, you are able to reach the state of mind you desire to achieve. Distraction must be non-existent while meditating. Otherwise,it is just sitting on the floor.
  • It relieves back pain. If you look for a meditation cushion for back pain (yes, there is such a thing), your back will be extremely grateful. The material that the pillowis made of has a great impact on your Thus your spine can stay perfectly aligned. Ultimately, that means a pain-free meditating position. After all, mediation is supposed to lower the level of back pain, not increase it.
  • It relieves hips and legs pain. While embracing the full lotus position (or even half lotus), your hips and legs will be on the ground. The longer you sit in thatposition, the more pressure those areas will be subjected to. That often leads to pain. But a meditation cushion will eliminate it.
  • It completes your meditation corner. Let’s face it; looks can be comforting at times. Also, the place where you meditate is as important as the meditation itself. The whole point of this practice is to induce a “nice” feeling. A bowl of fruit, a nice yoga mat, some curtains, they will all help you achieve that feeling.

I feel as if I skipped a few benefits, but these are the most important ones. Feel free to add whatever advantage you see in owning a meditation cushion. It’s not the same for everyone. Each and every single one of you will experience mindfulness in his or herown way.

What to consider when looking for the best meditation cushion

When it comes to meditation cushions, you should look for anything that makes you feel better, even if it doesn’t make sense for someone else. Everyone perceives the experience in their own way, so it would only make sense to listen to your body and mind. However, there are a few key features that improve the experience for most of the practitioners.

  • Proper posture – there are quite a few meditation positions, like full lotus, half lotus, seiza, Shavasana, and many others. Each of them requires that you put pressure on a particular area of your body. Whether it is your lower back, your hips, or your legs, you need a pillow that can provide support no matter which one you choose.
  • Proper alignment – spinal posture is one of the most important aspects. The lower back should be curved in, and the upper back should be slightly curved out. The neck should be slightly bent in (also known as the “S” posture). This position supports the body in a natural manner, and all pressure on spinal components is eliminated. You should choose a meditation pillow that encourages that.
  • Comfort – no matter what is your favorite position, comfort is crucial. I said it before, and I say it again. If you are not comfortable, there is no chance that you are able to Anything that bothers you is a distraction that doesn’t allow you to achieve what it is you want to achieve, which is a perfect state of mindfulness.
  • Color – if you like Feng Shui and you like to live by its rules, then the color is of the utmost importance. Each color has a designated meaning. For example, red is fire energy; violet stands for balance restoration, yellow clears the mind and lifts your spirits, blue has a calming effect, and it relaxes you, etc. So go for the color that suits you best.
  • Ease of cleaning – let’s get to the practicality part, shall we? You don’t want a meditation cushion that is hard to clean, do you? Let’s face it, after a while, the pillow will begin to smell. However, there are cushions that come with a removable cover that is machine washable. Trust me; you want that feature.
  • Versatility – some meditation cushions can also be used for yoga. If you practice both activities, then a 2-in-1 pillow comes in handy.
  • Shape and size – this is least important, but if you consider otherwise, then go for it. Meditation cushions come in different shapes and sizes, so you have where from to choose.

If I left something out, it is because not all people are alike. Preferences differ. However, I think I covered the most important aspects that apply to almost all people.

What are the best meditation cushions?

Not an easy question. What suits me and my needs may not suit yours. But that doesn’t mean that there are no pillows out there that can satisfy the needs of a larger group of people. Here are a few examples.

Peace Yoga Zafu Meditation Cushion

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The thing I like the most about this model is that it’s customizable, so to speak. You can order the product in the shape and color you want. That is great if you think about it. You can choose the color that represents you and go for the form that provides the best support.

It’s an excellent way to get a boost up from the floor or the simple yoga mat. It will relieve the pressure on your joints, and your spine will receive the proper support and alignment. You may be familiar with the numbness sensation in your legs while meditating, but this pillow will eliminate it altogether. The cushion is multipurpose.You can also use it for yoga. The cushion provides excellent support for yoga poses.

The pillow’s core is filled with buckwheat hulls, which provides the perfect balance between firmness and pliability. But don’t worry, they are not scattered all over the inside of the cushion. They are in a pouch that also allows easy insertion and removal. You may find it hard ar first, but the pillows that are too soft don’t provide the proper support. Give it a while; it will grow on you when you arepain-free.

As for the cleaning part, the Peace Yoga cushion has a removable cotton cover that you can wash in your washing machine. Drying is not allowed, you can only hang it. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s indication on the label. It also has a handle for easy portability.

As a drawback, I think that it’s a bit small than you might expect. If you are a heavy person, consider purchasing another product. Otherwise, you will still experience the discomfort you feel without the pillow. Other than that, this cushion is perfect. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

Seat Of Your Soul Yoga And Meditation Cushion

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This too comes in a large variety of colors and shapes. You can choose between a mini crescent, crescent, Rondo, and Zafu. Also, you can choose the filling. You can go for the buckwheat hulls or the organic cotton, whichever fits you best. Both fillings ensure sturdiness and durability. Whether you go for the organic cotton or the buckwheat hulls, the cushion will mold itself to make your sitting comfortable.

The whole thing is handmade but affordable. The cover is also made of 100% organic cotton that is easy to unzip and wash. You don’t have to handwash it, though. You can just throw it in the washing machine. However, you have to hang dry it. Otherwise, the cover may shrink. The handle on the side ensures easy portability.

This cushion is versatile as well. It can provide support for your yoga poses. It’s not very big so that you can take it with you to your yoga classes. It holds your weight pretty well, and even though it may feel hard at first, you will get used to it and come to realize that it’s best this way. That is why I don’t even know why the manufacturer gives you the opportunity to fill the cushion with cotton. That will make it soft, and the support will not be as efficient as it is with buckwheat hulls. But then again, everyone does as he or she pleases. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

Waterglider International Meditation Cushion

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Last, but not least, the Waterglider pillow is as versatile as the other two. You can practice meditation, zafu, and yoga (no matter the level) and still be provided with the support you need. The shape is round, and the cover is made of 100% certified organic cotton. The inside is filled with buckwheat hulls. I don’t know if you noticed, but all my choices in meditation cushions are filled with buckwheat husks. They are the best you can ask for at providing the perfect support and spine alignment.

The cushion is 14 inches in diameters and 6 inches tall. You may have the tendency to believe that it is not enough, but trust me, it is more than sufficient. You need a cushion that gives you a boost from the floor,  not something that you can lay down on.

The cover is not removable, but you can throw the cushion in the washing machine. It only weighs around 5 lbs. It will survive and come out in a perfect condition. Just make sure to follow the rules when it comes to washing and drying. You don’t want the cover to shrink.  If you are feeling up to the task, you can remove the filling, but it will take you a while to put it back in. The product is available in 6 colors, but unlike the previous two models, this comes in a single shape, round. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

My recommendation

Although all three products are excellent, I believe that the best meditation cushion is the Peace Yoga. It’s not too small or too big. It’s not too tall but tall enough to give your legs a break. The support it provides is like I’ve never felt before. The colors are beautiful, and the different shapes thing is a huge selling point for me. I don’t think I’ll be buying a new meditation cushion anytime soon.


If you are considering taking up meditation, think no more. It will be among the best experiences of your life. Nothing will ever be able to provide this level of relaxation, trust me. And with the best meditation cushion under you, the whole process will be as easy as pie. Click here to buy on Amazon

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